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111 Violations of Journalists’ Rights Since the Start of the «Special Military Operation»

Photo: Journalists detained in St. Petersburg, 13 March, Avtozak LIVE Since 24 February, the Journalists’ Union has counted 111 cases of violations of journalists’ rights linked to reporting on the «military operation» in Ukraine and events related thereto. These violations include detention of journalists covering protests, and 16 searches. Six detentions led to administrative arrests […]


Roskomnadzor surveills the social media accounts of “foreign agents”

In Russia the first cases have been filed for failing to fulfill the obligations of the law on declaring individuals “media-foreign agents.” Roskomnadzor, the Russian communications regulator, has also begun an investigation into a journalist from the publication 7×7, a member of the Journalists’ Union, Sergei Markelov. Markelov had changed his Facebook profile picture, neglecting […]


Free Pavel Zelenski

Photo: telegram channel of Pavel Chikov On Friday, Jan 16th, a court ordered the arrest of Navalnyi Live and FBK operator Pavel Zelenski for “incitement of extremism.” The FSB have accused him of violating the second part of article 280 of the Russian criminal code because of two tweets written by Zelenski after the self-immolation of […]

Free Vitaly Shkliarov!

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JMWU demands the immediate release of our colleague Vitaly Shkliarov arrested in Belarus and explanations from the Belarusian authorities

On July 29, 2020 Vitaly Shkliarov, the columnist in Novaya gazeta (Russia) and many other outlets, political scientist, journalist, writer was arrested in Belarus. The charges against Shkliarov must be announced within 10 days starting from 1 August. Nevertheless it is already unofficially stated that he, who recently returned from the United States, where he was working at Harvard […]


Journalists Behind Bars

Members of the Union of Journalists talk about their colleagues held in custody and write letters   In 1994, the UN General Assembly declared that May 3 would henceforth be celebrated as the World Press Freedom Day. On this day, the Union of Journalists and Media Workers are going to hold an event titled Journalists Behind […]

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Stop the War in Ukraine

We, Russian journalists and media workers, are deeply shocked and saddened by the fact that the authorities of our country have started a war against Ukraine. This treacherous step may lead to the deaths of many citizens of both countries and to enormous destruction. For the majority, war means rising prices, a crashing economy, and […]


In the Russian Far East, the prosecutor’s office is putting pressure on the newspaper Arsenev’skie Vesti, which has been covering protests in the region

The prosecutor for Primorskii Krai contacted the editorial office for Arsenev’skie Vesti, whose correspondents have been covering protests in Khabarovsk and Vladivostok. The chief editor of the publication, Irina Grebneva, received a document from the prosecutor’s office on the initiation of an investigation in accordance with legislation on the media “upon the issuance of press […]

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Intimidation of journalists in Khabarovsk: detentions, fines, kidnappings

The Journalists’ and Media Workers’ Union (JMWU) has addressed the Russian Investigative Committee, requesting to investigate the kidnapping of our colleague Sergei Plotnikov, a journalist and blogger from Khabarovsk. He was abducted by a group of unknown men in masks, beaten and subjected to pressure and death threats. Our organization is also asking for the […]


Statement by JMWU about the attacks on Novaya gazeta and Elena Milashina

The Journalists’ and Media Workers’ Union expresses extreme alarm and indignation at threats against Elena Milashina and Novaya Gazeta, stated on Instagram of Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov on April 13, after publishing a critical article about human rights violations during the pandemic fight in the republic. Novaya Gazeta and its journalists in the statement are […]